Sunday, 20 April 2008

Pizza and Soup

Below is a pic of the Pizza, I made on Friday, prior to going in the oven. I had some fresh yeast left after making bread and decided to have a go at pizzas. It didn't take very long ,once the dough had proved , to put together from ingredients I had to hand . Some passata , Low fat Mozzarella Cheese , peppers , onions , mushrooms , salami . Total cost £3-25 for two ten inch pizza and they where delicious my DH said so.

Slice of Pizza , glass of Rose wine . Nice.

Yesteday I made soup . This is Spicy tomatoe and Pepper . Another cheap and cheerful . Large panfull which will last a couple of days , for lunches, £1-50.

I like homemade food. It's so rewarding .

AND there's no additives , preservatives or E numbers.
Today I am doing my utmost to have a day off . I need to sit down and chill . It isn't easy !!!!

I keep thinking of things that need doing . That's the trouble when you work for yourself one day seems to blend into another and you never stop.

I am now going to put the kettle on , have a brew , and drool over some yarn I bought yesterday (less than half price ) which is going to become Christmas Presents. Can't say what as my children read this Blog . So there'll be no pics etc till December. Ha Ha !!

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