Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Back from Wales Part 1 The Stall

I'm back after conquering Wales. I have so Many photos the Wales report will be covered over the next three days .

We set off Friday morning and hit the M6 at 7-40am . A bit later than i'd planned as the caravan needed a bit of tweaking.Had a good journey down and after my initial misgivings about Welsh hills it wasn't to bad . The road between Builth Wells and Newtown was the worst as it had some very tight bends , some hairpin . I had to slow down a lot. But we got there in one piece about 11-15am . Found out where the campsite was , then disaster struck . As I was parking the caravan up I got slightly stuck in the mud. First time ever . Luckily there was a gorgeous big Welshman who came with his huge red tractor and pulled me out . It was worth getting stuck . He He !!!!!
After we had parked up and had some lunch we went to find the stall.
The Stall undressed.
This is what I got . 3 metres by 3 metres . There was ample room and after unloading all the stuff I quickly began to dress it out .
The Stall dressed.
After about an hour and a half this is what it looked like . I was rather pleased with it . You could see everything and it was like a little shop.
All the self -patterning yarns and bags .
Lace weights . Didn't sell to many of these . Made a note to dye some self colours .
Customers perusing the goods.
The Show itself was good . Though Saturday was much the better day . Sunday was very quiet. In fact I didn't take a single penny till lunchtime , then it picked up a bit. Back to Saturday . There where loads of Ravellers came to see me from the Ravelry website. It was nice putting faces to names. All my stuff was greatly admired and they bought well. They must have been saving up . I managed to have a look round and bought some Wensleydale rovings , some Merino Pencil Rovings and some new Birch knitting needles , which are very kind on the hands .

The organisation of everything about the show was good. Especially stall break down on Sunday evening. It went so smoothly and we got packed up so quickly , that DH and me decided to travel home Sunday evening. It was a very good journey home . The sun was shining and there was absolutely nothing on the road. Much better than leaving Monday and getting in cummuter traffic. The roads where so clear we did it in three hours , arriving home about 10-05 pm.

It was dark but because we've got the Mother of all security lights at the front of the garage we got the van away ok. To be continued ........

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