Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Holidays ,Wool, Radishes

We've booked the hols. We've been dithering a bit as money is a bit tight ,then thought what the heck. We are going down to Devon , one of my favourite places. We are going to a place called Woodbury Salterton . Below is a picture of Pidgeons Farm , where we will be staying with the caravan. It's an easy journey , M6 then M5 then 3 miles on A roads .It will be a good rest before we tackle all the shows in Cumbria. We could have taken two weeks off work and stayed at home but the temptation to do things is to much . So Devon in June here we come. This is most of the wool I have dyed and wound over the past two weeks . I have just been trying out my display to see how it looked and i'm quite pleased with the effect.
Looks like a proper wool shop. There's 340 hanks on there and there's more in crates.
I think I'll have enough for Wonderwool.
Things are hotting up now . I've still a few more hanks to label and all my carrier bags have to be labelled as well . No rest for the wicked. Sock Blockers are on hold for a couple of days . DH isn't to well Epilepsy wise . He's not been to bad of late but I think he did a touch to much in the garden last week and it's caught up. Below is a pic of our first Radishes showing themselves .They are French Breakfast variety my late Dad's favourites. He used to make a meal out of a bunch of fresh pulled radish and a plate of fresh bread and butter. A man of simple taste.

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Anonymous said...

I think that pile of scrummy goodness looks absolutely wonderful. You've been very busy. I hope your husband feels better really soon, a few days rest will sort him out, if you can make him do it ;)
Seeing your radish has made me realise that summer is creeping closer and closer and I haven't started on my veggie patch yet this year. Best put my knitting down and do something about it!