Wednesday, 23 April 2008

All's Ready for Wonderwool.

You may think what has a frog got to do with Wonderwool??? Absolutely nothing but he does look cute. He popped up to say hello to my DH , whilst he was sorting the pond pump out . Well this will probably be my last post till after the weekend. Everything is finished ,I hope . I've got loads of wool , bags , sock blockers , the list goes on . Something for everyone anyway. Just got to put some clothes in the caravan . I've treated us to new t-shits that i've embroidered with the company name on. They will be modelled on next weeks blog .
This is another new sock design . The only name i've come up with up to now is Snake Charmer . If you've got any other ideas post me. They are sandal socks , as the pattern goes up the back of the ankle . Just right for wearing with Birks or Crocs.

Remember my wool pulling back session . Well here's what i've knitted so far . I've nearly finished the second front then there's just the edging to do . I found some plain for that as there wasn't enough coloured. Should look nice for Summer , if we get one.
Lastly this is Finlay . Everybody say aah! He's aged four weeks and four days and he came to see me yesterday with his Mum , Sarah . Now this will sound strange . Sarah is the ex- girlfriend of my Number 3 son , whom he went out with a number of years ago but they kept in touch and when she's up here from her home in Kent she usually comes to see me . This time she brought Finlay as well , which was nice .
OMG i've just taken a good look at the pic and I might as well be looking at a pic of my Mum.
Mind you I should't be suprised , she stares back at me every morning from the mirror .
Well that's all folks . Wish me luck for Wonderwool .

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Anonymous said...

The sock looks wonderful and the name suits it perfectly, stick with it! Good luck at Wonderwool, although I'm sure you won't need it.