Friday, 18 April 2008

Digging for Victory / Make do and Mend .

Our little bit towards self sufficiency has taken another step forward DH is lifting the flags in the side garden to grow more veg . We are going to grow late crops here for an Autumn harvest as we are away in July and August in Cumbria . So he is thinking Brussel Sprouts , Cabbages and the like . We've already got potatoes in and some salad stuff . Yesterday he planted Runner Beans into pots. At least it will all be cheaper than the super market and taste better .
Whilst Papa Bear has been Digging for Victory i've been doing a bit of Make do and Mending . Well more like Making do and Unravelling. I have a pattern for a sleeveless jacket I want to make but can't afford the yarn ( i can't use my hand dyed because it isn't thick enough) This little pile was an unfinished cardigan that I started knitting . It is now going to be my new jacket .
I unravelled it and wound it into hanks , making sure it was all secure and soaked it in the sink along with some more unravelled yarn that began like as a waistcoat .
Now it's all drying on the radiator ready to be made into two jackets. It didn't take long to do and I have the satisfaction of having used what I've got instead of driving to the wool shop and buying yarn as well as having saved money on fuel.
I'm off too save a bit more money now .We're having home made pizza tonight instead of ready made . Maybe not cheaper but I'm using what's in the cupboard .

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