Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Papa Bear's been busy.

This Blog is to show you the talents of my DH for a change.He's a very good painter but he needs a kick up the bum to get him going . So I did. I wanted something different on the walls in the new front room ,instead of the tapestries and cross stitch pictures ,that have been up for years.
Aldi where selling sets of canvases really cheap so I bought a load for DH and presented them to him and commisioned the trio seen below . I am so pleased with them they look great on the chimney breast.My ploy worked and he's taken the bait and got back into doing some pictures.
The pic isn't quite straight due to bad photography . I love this painting it's very moody and he's going to paint some more today . The creative juices are running again at last. He says because the canvases are so cheap it won't matter if be botches things up.

DH has also made these sock blockers and hand painted them. Again the pics aren't very good . I think it may be the camera . I'm well chuffed with these as well and they will be on the stall for Wonderwool.
They are finished with yacht varnish so are completely waterproof.
Close up of the paintings .
The Guy's got talent but i'm biased . He just needs a push every now and then.

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Sarah said...

OMG, those sockblockers are fab! I'm going to Wonderwool, have a terrible feeling I'm coming home skint! (I'm libragirl on Ravelry) See you there!