Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Wonderwool Part2. The people.

This is part two of my Wales Blog and these are some of the people I met .This Andy the Alpaca buyer. He supplies me with all my gorgeous yarns that I dye. He's very helpful to micro businesses like mine and I don't have to give him bank breaking orders.

This Prudence Mapstone . She comes from Australia and makes the most stunning clothes using freestyle crochet . This photo does not do the purple coat justice.

These girls where my favourites. Raggedy and Wench . They made all these fabulous clothes , most where recycled . Made me yen for my Hippy days.

Last of all Papa Bear. Loads of people took his photo over the weekend . I think it was a bit of a novelty seeing a man knit but most people said they thought it was cool he wasn't afraid of knitting in public . He belongs to a group on Ravelry called S.M.A.C.K. ( Straight Men Also Crochet and Knit ) At the moment he is knitting baby clothes for the Neo natal Unit at our local hospital. Last instalment tomorrow ..............

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