Friday, 11 April 2008

Dye diddly idye dye dye .

The luxury yarns are all dyed , dried and rewound into a kaleidoscope of colours.
It took me all last week to dye and dry and this week to wind and label . I've still got the Blue Faced Leicester to rewind and label but that shouldn't take very long . It's now only two weeks to Wonderwool and i'm getting a bit nervous. It's not the show i'm nervous about ,it's the journey . Uncharted terratory with the caravan . Never been to Wales with it before and Wales has a habit of being hilly . We'll have to see ,no good meeting trouble half way is there.
Now for some pics.Alpaca Merino.
L to R Jonquil , Pansy, Holyhocks , Flax
Alpaca Silk.
L to R . Seagrass , Clover, Virginia Stock , Ixia .

Merino Tencel
L to R Pansy , Flax , Candytuft , Hellibore .
Botany and Lambswool lace weights .
I've really enjoyed dyeing these as I havn't dyed these yarns before . I've test knitted them and they are a joy to have on the needles.
Apart from all this dyeing and DH's painting we are venturing into the world of veg growing. DH has dug some small patches for salad stuff and he's planted a few potatoes . It all helps with the rising cost of living and anyway you can't beat fresh picked veg. Our DD is doing the same. Though she's growing in tubs as she hasn't got a garden . Her neighbours on either side are joining in as well ,Lets hope we have some good growing weather.

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