Monday, 17 March 2008

Way Out West

There'll be no Blogging till next week as we are heading way out North West Cumbria to Silloth.
This is our first venture out this year. If you're in the area over Easter you will find us in the Marquee on The Green in the centre of Silloth.
I'm taking all my new wools and bags to try them out . Not quite as much as I will have at Wonderwool or Woolfest ,as we have all the other Craft stuff as well, but there will be a good selection on offer. If you come mention the Blog or Ravelry and you'll get a bit of discount..
I've spent all day loading the caravan hoping against hope i've not forgotten anything , which I usually do . My little legs are fer worn out , backward and forward with all the gear.
I've not been to sure what to pack clothes wise , so I'ved erred on the cautious side and packed loads of layers . The weather forcast is wind with a bit of rain and snow for luck. I think I did see a drop of sunshine in there as well . I hope so.This sunset over The Solway taken a couple of years ago .

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