Tuesday, 25 March 2008

I'm Back.

I'm back from the Wild, Wild ,West of Cumbria .Anyone who does a Craft Fair in March ,in a Marquee , by the sea , in sub zero temperatures with winds gusting up to 60 miles an hour has either got to be dedicated to her Craft or just plain MAD.
Guilty as charged . I must have been temporarily insane when I booked this Fair . Though I must plead at the time I didn't realise how early Easter was.
On Good Friday the Marquee was nearly blown down and during that night two sides where ripped off . But Trevor , the organiser , stoically pegged it all back together again in the early hours of Saturday in time to open at ten.This is what i looked like . I had about six layers on from the skin out and I was still cold . To say it was freezing is an understatement. Even so I did manage to design a new sock pattern ( pics tomorrow)
I had a visit from fellow Raveller , Pennie , she bought some Blue Faced Leicester from me to make socks . It was nice to put a face to an Avatar.This looking across the Solway on Good Friday . That's Scotland in the background.

Even with all the cold it WAS worth the journey just to see this .The Mountains of Cumbria in their Winter coat . So magnificent.
This is Heather Bank , Blitterlees . Anyone who is a Caravan Club member it is a CL and I can highly recommend it . Lovely place, lovely people .
That is my little Mole End on the far left.
This was Sunrise at 6 o'clock this morning just as we where getting ready to come home . With all these gorgeous pictures to look at the wind and cold are soon forgotten . It was worth the trip up . We didn't take a vast amount of money but it got us out amongst nice people and the beautiful Cumbrian Countryside.
I have now got three weeks to dye about thirty kilos of wool in time for Woderwool Wales.
I'll start that tomorrow . I've a bit of sleep that needs catching up on.

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