Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Milestone Birthday

Yesterday was my 60th birthday but I was to tired too post my Blog last night.
I had a lovely day , the house was like Piccadilly station in the morning with visitors.
The first to arrive was my lifelong friend Elaine , who I have known since we met on our first day at school 56 years ago .
Then my two big brothers arrived , Michael and Bobby . They are 73 and 71 respectivly but act like and are as active as 25 year olds . I love them very dearly and because they are quite a lot older than me I have always felt protected. Though when I was in my teens I felt I had three Dads when it came to having boyfriends vetted but I suppose they only wanted the best for me.
I got phone calls from all the children. No 2 son came on Sunday with three of the Grandchildren.
DD coming today . No 3 son coming Thursday. No1 son is to far away but we had a lovely chat on Sunday. My sister called Sunday as well with a gorgeous plant for the new front room .These are some of the pressies. DH bought me the Stitchionary ,which is going to be useful for designing socks and mitts.
He took me out for a lovely meal last night hence the too tired to Blog.
Perfect end to a perfect day.
P.S. Took my car down to my cousin The Mechanic and he put my broken mirrors back together again . I've only got to get one new mirror glass so it wasn't as bad as first thought.

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ambermoggie said...

happy birthday for yesterday:)