Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Busy Busy Busy !!!!

The past few days have been rather manic. The weekend was spent doing last minute things before we go away. The car and caravan have been duly washed and waxed . The garden has had a last minute tidy and the house was duly cleaned from top to bottom on Monday and the windows washed. Why I do all this cleaning before I go away I'll never know because when we get back and unload everything it will be like a bombs hit it and I'll have to do it all over again.
Monday evening DH took me out for a meal for our 38th wedding anniversary. It isn't our anniversary till Sunday but as we will be at a fair we celebrated early .
Monday midnight No 1 son arrived for a visit with his two sons soyesterday we all got together at DD's . This is the whole tribe , eleven of us plus two dogs , out for a walk in the park . A good thirty eight years worth.
No 2 son aged 36
No 1 son aged 37 yrs.
It was a lovely day as we don't all get together very often . It's a year and a half since the last time. I love having a big family especially when we are all together. Everyone has left now so I have just to tidy up and have a bath and relax . We are off early in the morning . Posts will be infrequent as I will have to find an Internet cafe or library where i can log on and keep you all up to speed with the World Tour of Cumbria . TTFN

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