Monday, 14 July 2008

Long Time No Blog

I can't believe it's a week since my last blog. Unfortunately the blogs will be very sporadic for the next couple of months cos we're into the busy season. From now till mid September we have a LOT of shows. It started this weekend with the Lakeland Rose Show and to be honest I hope the rest of the shows will be better. It was a dead loss. Organisers reportedly said on Radio Cumbria that they expected in excess of 8000 visitors . It was more like 800 and they weren't interested in buying . It was a complete waste of a weekend . I could have spent it getting ready for the big trip to Cumbria. Ah ! well we live and learn. There's a few nice pics below of exhibits .Roses
Beautiful Bouquet

Gorgeous Sweet Peas . Next to pinks these are my favourites.
I spent all morning sorting stock and repacking the car ready for the Royal Lancs Show this coming weekend . Then the afternoon getting the caravan ready to leave home next Thursday .
I'm getting quite excited now . Six weeks in Cumbria. Ok I have to work but the time in between shows i'll be able to spin and knit and go for long walks . All in the peace and quiet.
Ah! well back to the sorting . It's clothes this time .

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ambermoggie said...

sorry it was bad show Ursula:( Hope the new venue for the royal lancs will help. We are at christening in Derby otherwise would have come and seen you.If I don't see you before we will catch you somewhere in Cumbria
btw part of word verification for this post is mogii