Friday, 18 July 2008

St Swithin and the Royal Lancashire Show

I think St Swithin is sulking or something it's hardly stopped raining since the 15th . I think I'm going to have to haul the plans out I got from Noah last year if it carries on .This is the Royal Lancashire Show in a nutshell . Mud , mud ,and even more mud. We went to set up yesterday morning and arrived to utter chaos . Nobody knew where we had to go and if they did they didn't know which way to send us . We ended up in a tailback of vehicles for nearly and hour . The P**S UP and Brewery sprang readily to mind. Eventually we got on to the field an found the Craft Marquee to find it was still being marked out. I should have turned round there and then and come home but we didn't , we got all set up.
This morning we got up bright and early and set off only to be confronted with a sign ,saying the show was cancelled for today ,as we came off the motorway. We decided to carry on to the showground where we immediately decided to cut our losses and retrieve our stuff . It was awful and with the weather forecast giving more rain it could only get worse and I wasn't prepared to wait for their decision at 3 o'clock as to whether the rest of the show went ahead . If it went against ,that place would be like Bedlam with everybody wanting to get there stuff off the field . It would have been very stressful and I don't do stress anymore . So we managed to load all the stuff without it getting wet or muddy , came home and now plan to spend the rest of the day and weekend chilling :-)))))))
Feeling quite smug .
Further to the above post . I have just been watching the lunchtime news and the Royal Lancs
has been completely cancelled so I feel quite smug that we decided to pull out this morning . God help all those who still have to get their stuff of that showground . Back to my chillin and maybe a bit of knittin and spinnin . He He !!!!

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ambermoggie said...

what a pity Ursula but I'm glad you got your stuff off ok after all the traffic jam. Enjoy your weekend