Thursday, 3 July 2008

Dog Blog.

Looking back on my blogs I've realised there hasn't been much mention of Meg , our Border Collie ,the third member of our travelling band . Today I will put things right.
But I can't write about Meg without first mentioning our two previous dogs who have gone to the big kennel in the sky .Unfortunately I haven't got many digital photos of them as I only got the camera shortly before they died. But I've picked two good ones that show their natures.This is my dog ,Skipper . She was a Healer/ Border Collie cross and cost £15 from a farm . It was the best £15 I've ever spent . At the time when I got her I was suffering from very Anxiety and was in the big black hole of depression and she dragged me out . I always say she saved my life. She was always there when I was feeling low and cheered me up . In the pic she is curled on with her "baby " she was prone to phantom pregnancy's and she would drag this doll into her bed every time it happened. Sadly I had to have her put to sleep 3 years ago , age 14 yrs2 months ,as she developed a tumour up her nose. I still miss her.
This DH's dog ,Fleet ,curled up at his feet. A pure bred Border Collie . She was bought three weeks after Skipper as a surprise birthday present from me. She was a sweet dog and idolised DH. So much so she was able to pick up on when he was going to have a seizure. Once when he had, had one, whilst in the garage ,she climbed the ladder up to my work room ( something she had never been able to master , unlike Skipper ) to let me know something was wrong. She missed Skipper after she had gone and survived six months before she too passed away after a series of stokes .
We vowed we wouldn't have another dog . Buuuut
The house was so empty without them and coming home and no one to greet you was hard .
So 12 days later we travelled to North Wales and purchased Meg .She was just 10 weeks old when we got her and is now nearly 3 years old.

She is an absolute sweetie and filled the gaping hole Skipper and Fleet had left behind.
She's a pure bred Welsh Border Collie . She is so laid back it's unreal . We have not had any bother with her at all . Never barks , very obedient , easy to train , brilliant with children and other dogs and most of all very affectionate. She doesn't favour either of us , though she does like curling up with me when I'm knitting. She can be any ware but if I get my needles out it's her cue to get up on the settee with me. Recently she has started to pick up on DH seizures perhaps we have another Fleet .
Meg adores being in the caravan and whilst we are away we don't even have to fasten her up . She seems to set up a small territory round the van and stays within it's boundarys .
I will try not to omit her from blogs in future as she is very much part of our lives.

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Tracy said...

Lovey dogs. Life is empty without one isn't it?