Tuesday, 15 July 2008

St Swithins and all that

It's St Swithin's Day today and according to legend
St Swithins Day if thou doust rain
For forty days it shall remain ,
St Swithin's Day if thoust be fair ,
For forty days twill rain nae mair.
Well it didn't it's been gorgeous all day so hopefully the legend will be true .Look what I got today . A singer treadle sewing machine . It belonged to DH's Grandma .
His Aunt died last year and it was up in the attic neither of her two daughters wanted it and it was going to go in the skip , so I rescued it . They've only just managed to get it down and bring it over . It is now safely in my spare bedroom till I get back from my travels . It seems in good condition and I think it will just need a good clean . Can't wait to have a sew on it . I think it's about 75 years old.
All the transfers on it are like new.
Well ,all the caravan is packed and ready . I've just a few bits and pieces to put in and we're ready for off. Just a matter of doing the Royal Lancashire Show this weekend and off we jolly well go :-)))))

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Leanne said...

Hi Ursula1 lovely machine!

check out http://www.needlebar.org/

you can trace the manufacturing date of your machine by entering its serial number!

good luck!

Leanne x