Monday, 7 July 2008

Tea Parties , Shawls and Wimbledon

I had intended doing my blog last night but i was rather tired.It was a long day. I got up early to do all the baking for my Tea Party.
Lots of cakes , which nearly didn't get baked as my useless electric oven went on the blink AGAIN and switched itself off . After much fiddling and not being able to get it back on I decided to decamp to the caravan and use the oven in there . DH had just got to the van to switch the gas on when , guess what , it swiched it's bl***y self on again . I think it knows it's being replaced by a super duper gas model when we return from Cumbria.
Everyone had arrived by twoish so we sat out in the garden as the promised rain did not materialise .
We'd been out about an hour when a huge black cloud came over and it pored down , so the party went indoors. Everyone enjoyed it especially my Grandson who took an immediate shine to my Nutty Flapjacks . When he was going he asked if he could take some home for his school buttie box. How could i refuse . In fact they all went home with goodie bags . As usual I'd made to much . The rest went to my cousin the Mechanic when I went to get an oil change for the car this morning.

I have finished the "Wicked " shawl and doesn't it look wicked. It's so warm and soft. I finished it last night as me and DH watched the marathon Men's Singles from Wimbledon .
What a match !!! I was exhausted by the time it had finished . But it was brill . One of the best matches i've seen in years .

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ambermoggie said...

fabulous Ursula:) What pattern is it?