Tuesday, 1 July 2008

I should be knitting Christmas stuff

Good Morning World . It was so warm and sunny this morning that me and DH had breakfast outside by the pond . It was nice sitting there having a brew listening to the waterfalls and the air was heavy with the perfume of Honeysuckle and my new Waterloo Sunset Pinks. I couldn't have done this a couple of years ago I would have been diving round eating breakfast on the hoof and getting up in my workroom working all day in the heat. I'm liking this quieter pace of life.I've been knitting this and I should be knitting Christmas stuff , hence the title of the blog .
Well the yarn just sat there begging to knit and I just sort of thought if I just cast on and do a few rows to see how it looked and then weeeeell like "Topsy " it just growed. I'ts a shawl ( yes Amber you dragged me over to the dark side ) and I've decided to call it my "Wicked Shawl " cos the colours are wicked and I'm wicked for knitting it instead of Christmas knitting :-))))))
I saved this pic for today because I didn't want it getting lost in all the Woolfest ones. This was a gift from my Ravelry friend , Ambermoggie ,thank you Amber , who makes these dolls .
She is an Elemental Doll representing Spirit , in this case a Water Spirit , which is quite apt as I am a Piscean . At the moment Spirit is resting on my spinning wheel but soon she will take up residence in the caravan for the Summer so she can guard us and the van.


Miss 376 said...

I just love that doll, absolutely gorgeous

ambermoggie said...

Oh Ursula has come over to the dark side:))
Elemental looks great spinning:)