Saturday, 5 July 2008

Last Saturday off.

This is my last Saturday off now till September. As you can see by the list of shows on the left I'm going to be busy. Let's just hope for some good weather.
I've been indulging myself this week . Dyeing and Spinning .These are Blue Faced Leicester tops which I plan to spin whilst I am up in Cumbria .
All rolled up ready for putting in my basket.
A bit of Spinning. I've been getting used to spinning on my Ashford Traveller. I've tried several times to get it going and couldn't . So the other day I thought I had better master it as I wanted to take it with me. It was bought for use in the caravan as it is compact . Anyway master it I have . Everything just suddenly clicked and I was off. I've spun this Merino and it's so soft and has a nice loft to it. I think the Traveller is going to be better at giving a woollen spun whilst mt Traditional is better for worsted and fine sock yarn . Out of 100grms of roving I got 200yards so it's DK / Aran weight .
This it close up .
I'm so pleased with the plying and just look at the sheen . I'm planning to do a bit more this afternoon as the weather forecast isn't good.
Tomorrow we are having a Tea Party . The family are coming round, as we won't be seeing them again till we get back . So I'm getting up early in the morning and baking all their favourite cakes . It's nice having them all together , it's just a pity the eldest won't be here but he's coming up just before we set off on our travels.

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